👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶

jew baby
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶
👽I’m with jew baby…..🫶

About me:

32 year old Female from Fort Myers, Florida (FL), United States
I will make you so wet that you could drown a toddler in your panties....

I mean, I'm so hawt, if I ate bread I'd shit toast. But we all know ladies don't make dirty water. Are you jealous of my heart because it's pumping inside me and you're not?

there's an app for that!

short for appealing, appetizing, applauding.....

A mazing, P erfect, P rostitute

and dazzz me baby....

need to explode your sexual load? contact me and hit the road. Not too young, not too old, better treasure than silver or gold. I'd say "Or your money back, guaranteed!" But since we keep going to war, and inflation frustration runs wild, oh and there's a handful of douche bag grabbers that will never be satisfied because they are fun sucking communist flat earth believing mother fuckers with deformed micro penises who are pro Hamas faggots with the earrings that want to bring a million Palestinian to the USA while our Border is wide open and take away our second amendment and many others. oh and I bet they also don't know who's cocaine was in the White House.... so if you don't like me, don't cum back....

I know what boys want, I know what guys like, boys want, guys like, me, and my super stellar sucking skills, and then sum!

be fearless and play


text, don't call it

open to cash. Open to cashapp. Open to legit trades. I don't take drugs as payment though you silly goose.

head 80 half 160 whole 220 more? Askkk, I got you.

content? Furrrr sure,

film the fun? Yasss for free, but I want a copy.

Protect your whacker before you attack her. No glove no love.

kissing is also, negative, ghost rider...

medusa will make you hard as rock

and rock that cock,

im like wet pavement, you know you wanna touch it. Stick your finger in it. Do it do it do it.

trump 24

if Biden was a dog, you'd put him down.

So what if I went to jail, I love being in handcuffs, and all those jolly ranchers are like keegels for your mouth. Most men love a bad girl anyway. Young, dumb, and full of cum.

I always make my ads too long, if you'd like to continue reading, reach out to me, I will keep you entertained and im well educated and experienced, very political, slutty, sweet and fun.

so bye, bye miss American pie

hope to suck you soon.

out of curiosity, I read my reviews and I'd love to know who you guys are that spoke poorly of me, because everything I read was lies. None of that ever happened. Your fake reviews also don't slow my roll any, and in order to insult me, I must first value your opinion. I'd just like to know who y'all are because no one has ever left here upset, early, or disappointed. So remember folks, when reading reviews, take them with a grain of salt.
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